Florida Medical Cannabis

All 9 Qualifying Conditions for Orlando Medical Marijuana
Florida has legalized the use of medical marijuana, but that doesn’t mean you can grow your own plants and self-medicate. Under law, you will need a Florida medical marijuana card and get your daily dose from licensed Florida medical marijuana doctors. You also need to have one of the following “qualifying conditions”.

1. Cancer
Florida medical cannabis can be used in conjunction with other cancer medicines and treatments. Generally, doctors will use it for pain management and appetite stimulant, especially if the patient is showing signs of “wasting” or refusal to eat. There is also research that cannabinoids can slow down the growth of cancer cells.

2. Epilepsy
There is clear anecdotal and scientific evidence that some strains of Florida medical marijuana can decrease the frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures. Marijuana is a natural muscle relaxant and neuroprotector. There are great strides in developing marijuana strains with no psychotic side effects that can be safely given to children with epilepsy.

3. Glaucoma
Doctors can prescribe marijuana to help relieve intraocular pressure or pressure inside the eye. This relief is temporary, so it can’t replace other medication or treatments like surgery for more . That’s why it’s important to get the guidance of Florida medical marijuana doctors who are able to decide the best way of approaching your particular case.

Medical marijuana can be used to manage pain, depression, lack of appetite and nausea that HIV and AIDs patients may experience. It does not replace their antibiotics or other course of treatment, but can help improve quality of life.

Marijuana is considered a non-addictive alternative to anti-depressants for people suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Aside from its natural mood-boosting properties, cannabiol (a chemical compound found in cannabis extracts) can interact with serotonin to disrupt the flood of traumatic memories.

6. ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease
ALS patients who have lost muscle control and experience constant shaking, jerking and spasms can find relief in the muscle-relaxing properties of cannabis. There is also anecdotal evidence that the neuroprotective qualities of cannabis can slow down the progression of the disease.

7. Crohn’s disease
Marijuana contains endocannabinoids that can control the inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. This can help people with Chron’s disease experience less abdominal pain and swelling.

8. Parkinson’s disease
Like epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease has symptoms of jerking, shaking and muscle pain that can be managed with controlled doses of Florida medical cannabis.

9. Multiple sclerosis
There is new research that indicates that marijuana can slow down the neural damage associated with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Florida medical marijuana doctors know which strains are associated with neurogenesis, or creation of brain cells. Aside from this, marijuana can help minimize muscle spasms and manage the pain.

To find out if you qualify for Orlando Medical Marijuana, consult with a licensed Florida medical marijuana doctor

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